Footfall 1826-2018

My work reflects my interest in history and is a place where the past and present meet.    I draw attention to the importance of heritage and question what should be saved for future generations and why.

Footfall 1826-2018 is a body of work that reflects the changing face of St John on Bethnal Green as the wear and tear of nearly two centuries takes its toll on this Grade 1 listed building.  This work was made over the course of one year and references Sir John Soane’s original drawings for the building.  I used a wide range of techniques to capture the current state of the building and used materials that have an integrity with the subject.   These include cast glass sculptures and wax cast reliefs. I used these, along with photographs, rubbings and drawings to create a series of photograms that act as a record of the changes that have occurred over the years.   I have also taken photographs of the windows in the stairwell that leads up to the belfry at different times of the day over the year which capture how the light enters the building in the way that Sir John Soane hoped it would.